Fire Risk Assessments in London

Fire-Risk-Assessments-in-LondonLondon is a wonderful city to live in. Living in the capital of England means easy access to everything a major global city can offer and more. From the West End to Camden Market to the Southbank, there’s a never ending myriad of attractions.

Fires, however, are very common in London. Although they are destructive, you can prevent them. If you are searching for professionals who are qualified to perform fire risk assessments in London, Cleanair UK is the company to call.


By the Law

The Fire Safety Order in the UK mandates businesses to be accountable for their own fire risk assessment. A designated ‘responsible person’ executes the assessment, aiming to reduce any risks to grave damage and casualties. When you take the necessary precautions, you trim down renovation costs and, more importantly, you save lives.


Minimum Input, Maximum Results

We know how busy you are. Cleanair UK understands that your tight schedule may not permit you to oversee the assessment yourself. As a team of fire assessment specialists, we do the work for you.


For fire risk assessments, we perform the following:

  • Spot all fire hazards;
  • Evaluate, eradicate and reduce risks;
  • Emphasise emergency routes and exits;
  • Ensure the working condition of fire detection, warning systems and firefighting equipment;
  • Record findings, prepare emergency fire evacuation plans and provide emergency training for employees; and
  • Examine and update records regularly.


Work with Us

Cleanair UK is one of the most progressive and innovative air, water and environmental hygiene companies in the country. Our team operates in eco-conscious and energy-efficient ways, making sure we reduce our environmental impact and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

We are competent and knowledgeable individuals who aim to address all your risk assessment needs. Make Cleanair UK your partner for fire risk assessments and safety assurance. Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Interested in our services? You can talk to one of our experienced representatives on 01303 249667, send an email to with details of your enquiry, or click Contact Us Today to complete our simple enquiry form. A member of our sales team will aim to contact you within 24 hours of receipt of your enquiry.