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Health Technical Memorandum 03-01: Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises

We recognise the importance of hygienically proficient, fit for purpose ventilation systems within healthcare premises. Our expertise and experience in NHS Healthcare ductwork cleaning enables us to provide you with sound advice to protect your staff, occupants and patients in accordance with the statutory requirements, codes of practice and guidance in HTM 03-01: Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises.

HTM 03-01 is published in two parts: Part A deals with the design and installation of ventilation systems; Part B covers operational management.

The document gives comprehensive advice and guidance on the legal requirements, design implications, maintenance and operation of specialised ventilation in all types of healthcare premises.

This document supersedes all previous versions of Health Technical Memorandum 2025 – ‘Ventilation in healthcare premises’.

Who should use this guidance?

This document is aimed at healthcare management, estates managers and operations managers. It is management responsibility to ensure that inspection, service and maintenance activities are carried out safely and without hazard to staff, patients or members of the public.

Main Recommendations

  • All ventilation plant should meet a minimum requirement in terms of the control of Legionella and safe access for inspection and maintenance.

  • All ventilation plant should be inspected annually

  • The performance of all critical ventilation systems (such as those servicing operating theatres) should be verified annually.

In addition, basic requirements state:

  • The plant must not contain any material or substance that could support the growth of microorganisms.

We can provide a site specific service to fulfill your inspection and verification requirements and outline your management responsibilities for all NHS Healthcare Ventilation Systems.

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