Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Testing for Industrial Workplaces

As production ramps up in industrial workplaces across the country, many companies are wondering how they can best ensure they meet the new HSE guidelines on hygiene in the workplace. COVID-19 has put hygiene in the workplace under the spotlight as never before and the demand for expert assistance is, not unexpectedly, much bigger than before. At Cleanair UK, we specialise in air hygiene, providing comprehensive air quality tests for industrial workplaces and other commercial properties. This means we are uniquely placed to help companies of all sizes to prepare for the return of the bulk of their workforce after restrictions are lifted. To find out exactly how we can help you to reopen your industrial facility safely, please call or email for further details.


indoor-air-quality-testingOrganising Air Quality Testing for Industrial Workplaces

If you would like to make sure that the quality of the air in your industrial workplace meets the latest HSE and industry guidelines, simply call and speak to one of our air hygiene specialists during normal business hours. We will be happy to arrange to visit your facility at a convenient time, take all the air samples we need and analyse them without delay. Our tests will show you the levels of particulate matter in the air in your workplace, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, fungal and bacterial matter. If desired, we can also analyse the levels of vapours, volatile organic compounds, smoke and gas.


Additional Hygiene Services for Reopening of Industrial Workplaces

In addition to our air quality testing for industrial workplaces, we also offer deep cleaning services, along with water and environmental hygiene services. In short, we can provide you with all the data and practical assistance you need to bring your workplace up to acceptable hygiene standards, ready for both your workforce and for any HSE spot checks that may occur.


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