Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Testing & Monitoring For Schools

As nursery, primary and secondary schools reopen their doors in post-lockdown Britain, headmasters and school administrators across the country are preparing for the return of pupils. Ensuring that all guidelines and regulations concerning COVID-19 are being implemented is one of the main priorities for all schools in the country right now and air quality testing can help you in this regard: if you want to establish whether the environment in your classrooms and staff rooms is up to scratch, a comprehensive air quality test is one of the best ways to do so. Our professional indoor air quality assessments will tell you whether you are in compliance with HSE and other official guidelines and regulations, providing both you and your staff with peace of mind.

What Our Air Quality Testing for Schools Includesindoor-air-quality-monitoring

Our standard air quality tests measure temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. They also include an airborne fungal analysis and an airborne bacterial analysis, both of which are designed to provide you with accurate data on the concentration of potentially harmful microorganisms in the air that your staff and pupils will be breathing every day. Additionally, our standard tests look for the presence of gases, vapours, smoke and any other pollutants or particulate matter in the air.

How Air Quality Testing for Schools Can Help You

The limitations of current technology make it very hard to detect the presence of viral particles in air samples but by testing for other particulate matter you can accurately measure the effectiveness of your air filtration systems. To minimise the presence of viral particles, the use of face masks and the removal of staff and pupils suspected of having contracted an infection are the most effective measures you can take. For further information on hygiene practices in schools to combat the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, please contact us whenever convenient.

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