Indoor Air Quality Testing Services & Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Testing Services & Monitoring Throughout Kent, London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey

Our standard suite of indoor air quality testing identifies common indoor contaminants and factors and provides information as to their presence as indicators of acceptable or unacceptable indoor air quality. All results are compared to current occupational & workplace exposure limits, with recommendations issued accordingly.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Services and Monitoring Throughout Kent

Within our standard indoor air quality suite we measure the following:

Temperature (oC)

Relative Humidity (%)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Airborne Fungal Analysis

Airborne Bacterial Analysis

Indoor air should not contain contaminants that exceed concentrations known to impair health or cause discomfort to occupants. Such contaminants may include various gases, vapours, micro-organisms, dusts, smoke and other particulate matter. These may be present in make-up air or be introduced from indoor activities, furnishings, building materials, surface coatings and air handling and air treatment components. Deleterious factors include toxicity, potential to induce infection or allergies, irritants, extreme thermal conditions and objectionable odours.

Why Indoor Air Quality Testing Matters

When it comes to indoor air quality there are myriad forces at work that need to be taken into consideration. As we have seen, even seemingly harmless objects like furniture can have a negative impact on the quality of air in a closed environment like an office. But even in larger, more open spaces, such as the floor of a manufacturing firm, air quality can be compromised by a variety of industrial installations or manufacturing processes.

If ventilation within an office, block of flats, hotel or on the factory floor is not up to snuff it can exacerbate an existing air quality problem, and in some cases, cause air quality problems. In many cases, we only experience the knock-on effects of air quality problems such as headaches or watery eyes, or staff members going home sick. In some instances, there may be an odour present that hints at the underlying problem, but in many other cases, the exact source remains mysterious. If there is an air quality problem present in your business it is imperative that you get to the bottom of it. This is where Cleanair UK come in.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Services and Monitoring Kent
Indoor Air Quality Testing Services and Monitoring in Kent

Cutting-Edge Air Quality Assessment: Enhancing Workplace Safety

We employ state-of-the-art equipment that puts indoor air to the test, literally. Our highly-trained, experienced technicians are able to identify contaminants quickly, diagnose their source and take remedial action to alleviate the problem. The result is a safer work environment, happier staff members, fewer missed days and higher productivity.

But more than that, our indoor air quality assessment helps to ensure your compliance under the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), the Health & Safety Executive (HSE EH 40/02 Occupational Exposure Limits & HSE EH 40/05 Workplace Exposure Limits), the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) and the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992.

A Modern Day Necessity

In the not too distant past, most people spent the bulk of their time outdoors. The offices that did exist had windows that opened to the world thereby promoting a continual supply of fresh air. Those days have gone the way of the horse and carriage.

Most of today’s work environments are hermetically sealed against the outdoors, with windows that do not open, and are entirely dependent on air being circulated by the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. Problems in any part of a given HVAC system can lead to air quality problems that threaten the health of everyone.

Because of that, professional indoor air quality testing is not a luxury, it is an absolute modern-day necessity. And while we have up until now focused on commercial settings, the situation in the modern home is not so different and the need to ensure your loved ones are breathing clean, hygienic air is just as pressing.

Health studies, in fact, have shown that most allergies start in the home and are due to unsuspecting family members breathing airborne pollutants and allergens circulated endlessly by the home’s heating and air conditioning system.

Indoor air quality testing by Cleanair UK can identify any such issues and put an end to them in short order. The objective of indoor air quality testing is to confirm the overall hygienic quality and comfort parameters of the indoor air.

Testing of other specific parameters such as Ozone (unstable Oxygen, O3), Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Total Dust Particulates can be added to the standard suite if required.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Services and Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Testing Services in the Age of Covid

If the past 2 years have demonstrated nothing else it’s the importance of indoor air quality. As the SARS-CoV-2 virus (commonly referred to as “covid”) spread across the globe businesses, organisations and schools worldwide closed their doors for months at a time. The fear was that workers, visitors and students would be exposed to the virus being circulated within our modern, sealed environments.

Now that billions of people worldwide have been vaccinated they are returning to work and school. Many, however, are nonetheless nervous that they may suffer a so-called “breakthrough” case if they are exposed to the virus in the office or classroom. The NHS, WHO and the American CDC have all warned that SARS-CoV-2 particles can remain airborne for hours and that those particles can be recirculated over and over by poorly designed or poorly maintained HVAC systems.

This means that if we are to ever return to something like pre-pandemic normal it is crucial that businesses maintain clean, hygienic environments, and one of the best ways to stay on top of the situation is to enlist Cleanair UK to conduct indoor air quality testing.

At this point, air quality testing alone cannot detect the coronavirus (although such tests are being developed), but making sure your air filtration system is working efficiently and effectively is an indispensable part of a larger strategy to help prevent airborne transmission of the virus.

Cleanair UK: The Air Quality Experts

Cleanair UK have extensive experience in the monitoring and testing of indoor air quality in both commercial and residential settings as well as the implementation of effective remedial strategies. Our team of experts work tirelessly to help our customers stay in compliance with various government regulations and to provide a safe and hygienic environment for staff and visitors.

Indoor environments today are fundamentally different than they were a century ago. Ensuring that sealed environments are not recirculating airborne contaminants is painstaking work that requires a high degree of expertise. The kind of expertise you will find at Cleanair UK. Get in touch today to learn more about our indoor air quality testing services.