Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Testing for Universities & Colleges

Many universities are planning to hold some or all of their lectures online at the start of the academic year and to phase in face-to-face tuition as the post-lockdown situation becomes clearer. Before face-to-face lectures are reintroduced, whether now or later in the academic year, all universities and colleges will need to examine their existing hygiene measures and implement new ones if necessary. As an air, water and environmental hygiene specialist, Cleanair UK can help your university with these tasks. Our air quality testing for universities and colleges provides an accurate snapshot of the quality of the air in lecture halls and classrooms, with detailed information on concentrations of microorganisms and pollutants.


How to Use Our Air Quality Testing for Universities and Colleges

air-quality-testArranging for our air quality testing team to visit your campus is as easy as calling and speaking to a member of our team during normal business hours. However, what most new clients want to know is how they can use the results of our tests. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, most of which will be unique to your university or college, but it is possible to give a generalised answer that should help you to decide if and when you would like to have the air quality in your university buildings tested. Our air quality tests will, as mentioned above, provide you with accurate figures for concentrations of particulate matter: bacteria, fungus, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and much more besides. Armed with these figures, you will be able to conclude whether or not your existing HVAC equipment is conditioning the air to an acceptable level of hygiene.

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