Deep Cleaning

Specialist University & College Cleaning Services

Our deep cleaning services for universities and colleges are competitively priced and available to both public and private educational facilities. A deep clean involves the cleaning of all surfaces in a specific area but most attention is paid to the high-touch surfaces that have been identified as a leading cause of COVID-19 transmission and the transmission of many other infectious diseases. Door knobs, computer peripherals, light switches, desks, chairs, toilet flushes, taps, handrails and other surfaces that are touched by many different people every day must be sanitised on a regular basis if communicable diseases are to be kept under control and this is exactly what our deep cleaning services enable you to do.


Our University & College Deep Cleaning Services: One-off and Regular Visits Available

college-deep-cleanEducational institutions that simply need help to sanitise their classrooms, lecture halls, common areas, canteens, washrooms and faculty rooms in preparation for reopening will be most interested in our one-off deep cleaning service. If, on the other hand, you require ongoing help to keep your university or college campus in a hygienic condition, you are more than welcome to take advantage of our regular deep cleaning service, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Affordable, safe and highly effective, our regular deep cleaning service is the perfect solution for colleges and universities that do not have the in-house resources to maintain their campuses in accordance with the latest regulations.



A Valuable Service in Uncertain Times

In early January of 2022 more than 100 universities in the UK went back to online learning in response to the rise in omicron cases. Most of these institutions are set to revert back to mostly face-to-face learning at the end of January or the beginning of February. As such, it’s important they do their utmost to allay the concerns of both students and parents that they are presenting a safe, hygienic learning environment.


university-cleaningOur university and college deep cleaning services provide a cost-effective way for them to do that. As mentioned you can choose a one-off deep cleaning that lays the foundation upon which an internal cleaning department builds, or you can contract Clean Air UK to return on a regularly scheduled basis. The choice is yours.


Students are not the only ones who need to feel confident that the learning environment is as hygienic as possible. Staff members, especially older staff members who are most at risk from the coronavirus, also need to feel confident that they are not endangering their health by returning to class. Seeing the team from Clean Air UK onsite staying ahead of the threat will go a long way toward easing their concerns.


The Benefits of Our Specialist University & College Deep Cleaning Services

A clean, hygienic work/study environment will pay handsome dividends across the board, benefits that go beyond protection against the current threat. Remember, the seasonal flu has not gone away, nor has the common cold, or potentially dangerous moulds, pollen and other allergens, or other common respiratory irritants.


The cleaner your classrooms, hallways, libraries and other areas the better the odds you will experience:

  • Fewer sick days – There are myriad organic and inorganic compounds that can cause negative reactions in students and staff. The more of them you eliminate the fewer times staff members will be calling in sick.
  • Greater energy efficiency – A cleaner school with a clean HVAC system is one that will be more energy-efficient than its dirty counterpart. Greater efficiency means energy savings.
  • More effective recruitment – Universities go to great lengths to recruit quality students and faculty. But if their institution is a dirty mess those recruits are likely to look elsewhere.
  • Regulatory compliance – A slew of new rules and regulations were adopted during the height of the pandemic, most of which remain in place. Clean Air UK can help you stay in compliance with these rules.


Call for More Details of Our University & College Deep Cleaning Services

Whatever your requirements, we invite you to call and speak to us about them at any time during normal working hours. Once we know exactly what you need, we will be delighted to prepare a quotation for you to consider and to answer any questions you may have about our deep cleaning services.

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