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Efficient Commercial Deep Cleaning Services Kent

The demand for commercial deep cleaning services is higher now than it has ever been but thanks to our large team of fully trained and experienced cleaning technicians, we have been able to respond to this demand quickly and effectively. If you need help to prepare your commercial premises for reopening after Coronavirus restrictions are lifted, call and speak to us today. We are able to clean all types of commercial premises to the highest of standards, following the latest government guidelines on reducing the spread of communicable diseases such as COVID-19. Our rates are very competitive and our team is among the most experienced and efficient in the business.


Commercial Deep Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Needscommercial-deep-cleaning

Whether you are responsible for hygiene in a local restaurant, hotel, shop or block of offices, we can tailor our deep cleaning services to meet your specific requirements. We have a great deal of experience in this field and are well equipped to meet the needs of all types of commercial clients in all market sectors. If you manage a unique commercial facility, or a particularly large one, and you are wondering whether we can help you to sanitise it, the answer is almost certainly yes. However, we recommend calling in the first instance to let us know about any special requirements you may have so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation for our services.


Regularly Scheduled Deep Cleaning Services

In addition to our one-off deep cleaning services for commercial premises, which are primarily aimed at helping businesses to prepare for reopening after COVID-19 restrictions are fully lifted, we are also pleased to be able to offer regular deep cleaning services that are designed to make it easy for you to keep your premises in a sanitary condition in the future.


Deep Cleaning FAQs

What is Deep Cleaning? – A deep clean entails the use of disinfectants and other approved chemicals that are able to kill viruses and contagions, including of course, the coronavirus. All surfaces are thus treated, with particular attention paid to things like door handles, light switches, taps and computer keyboards. In some cases, a fine mist of disinfectant may be used.

Am I Required to Deep Clean My Office? – There are no legal requirements currently on the books compelling a business to deep clean their office or to engage the help of specialist cleaning services. However, the government has formulated a series of guidelines that it strongly advises businesses and cleaning services for commercial customers to follow. Beyond that, the deep clean provides peace of mind for employees and helps ensure they stay healthy and your business gets back on its feet without delay.

Can a Carpet be Deep Cleaned? – Yes. Deep cleaning of carpeting starts with a thorough vacuuming, followed by a spot treatment of stains and then a steam cleaning of the carpet itself to kill any and all microbes that may be lurking. In some instances, a disinfectant mist may be used instead of steam to achieve the same result.

Cleanair UK provides competitively priced deep cleaning for businesses large and small. If you need an experienced cleaning company in Kent to handle your deep clean, Cleanair UK are the ones to call.

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