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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Testing & Monitoring

Throughout Kent, London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey

Our standard suite of indoor air quality testing identifies common indoor contaminants and factors and provides information as to their presence as indicators of acceptable or unacceptable indoor air quality. All results are compared to current occupational & workplace exposure limits, with recommendations issued accordingly.

Within our standard indoor air quality suite we measure the following:

  • Temperature (oC)
  • Relative Humidity (%)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Airborne Fungal Analysis
  • Airborne Bacterial Analysis

Indoor air should not contain contaminants that exceed concentrations known to impair health or cause discomfort to occupants. Such contaminants may include various gases, vapours, micro-organisms, dusts, smoke and other particulate matter. These may be present in make-up air or be introduced from indoor activities, furnishings, building materials, surface coatings and air handling and air treatment components. Deleterious factors include toxicity, potential to induce infection or allergies, irritants, extreme thermal conditions and objectionable odours.

Our indoor air quality assessment helps to ensure your compliance under the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), the Health & Safety Executive (HSE EH 40/02 Occupational Exposure Limits & HSE EH 40/05 Workplace Exposure Limits), the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) and the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992.

The objective of indoor air quality testing is to confirm the overall hygienic quality and comfort parameters of the indoor air.

Testing of other specific parameters such as Ozone (unstable Oxygen, O3), Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Total Dust Particulates can be added to the standard suite if required.

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