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Local Exhaust Ventilation Cleaning

A local exhaust ventilation system or LEV captures fumes, vapours and a variety of other airborne contaminants to prevent them from spreading throughout the workplace and endangering the respiratory health of workers. The most common type of LEV is the hood you see over the grill in restaurants that pull the byproducts of cooking up and away from the grill before venting it to the outside. Although they can also be found in factories and workshops where harmful fumes and vapours are a potential danger. Clean Air UK offer professional local exhaust ventilation cleaning that ensures your LEV is always performing as intended.


Is LEV Cleaning A Legal Requirement?

There is no law which states in black and white that businesses must clean their LEV systems X number of times per year. However – and this is a big however – the law clearly states employers have a responsibility to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the health of their workers from dangerous fumes, dust and vapours. And in settings where an LEV is present that means either cleaning it or replacing it when it’s dirty. 




In addition, COSHH regulations require employers to collect and safely disperse certain types of chemicals and other airborne substances, and this can only be effectively done by way of an LEV system. The implication here is that the system must be kept clean and in good working order if the employer is to remain in compliance.


So while there is no law stating in plain English that employers must clean their LEV X number of times per year, if they do not keep their LEV clean and working effectively they will be in clear violation of the spirit of the law and will likely be sanctioned. 


Local Exhaust Ventilation Cleaning from Clean Air UK

At Clean Air UK we provide industry-best LEV cleaning services that help employers stay in compliance with the law while ensuring a safe working environment for their employees. We recommend you schedule regular LEV testing and cleaning going forward so that you never have to worry about your restaurant or industrial facility being non-compliant.


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Local exhaust ventilation cleaning is not something you can afford to ignore or dismiss. Failing to keep your LEV clean can put workers in imminent danger and result in significant fines for non-compliance. To schedule LEV cleaning for your facility call Clean Air UK on 01303 249667.



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