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Legionella Water Testing in Eastbourne


A popular seaside resort town in East Sussex, Eastbourne has much to recommend it to people of all ages. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that it is most popular today with more mature citizens: perhaps we need to live for a certain amount of time before we can truly appreciate the beauty on our doorsteps in the UK. Whatever your age and whatever your reasons for being here in this beautiful part of the country, Cleanair UK would like to invite you to consider our range of commercial services, which includes Legionella water testing in Eastbourne. Whether you run a local hospital, school, hotel or office block, you will find our testing services to be very professional, very convenient and very competitively priced.


Legionella Water Testing in Eastbourne: Do You Really Need It?


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK does not recommend regular Legionella testing unless you have a specific reason for it as the levels of bacteria found are not always an accurate predictor of Legionellosis disease outbreaks. However, there are certain conditions under which they strongly recommend Legionella water testing, including the following:


  • You Suspect Issues with Your Current Legionella Control Procedures – If you have reason to believe that the control procedures in place at your premises are suspect or missing some important detail, Legionella testing is recommended by the HSE.
  • Problems Maintaining Ideal Water Temperatures – Lukewarm water is a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria, which is why all experts recommend keeping your hot water piping hot and your cold water nice and cold. If you are unable to maintain these ideal temperatures, the HSE recommends Legionella testing.
  • You Have Reason to Believe the Risk of an Outbreak is Elevated – If you have reason to believe there are any conditions present in your premises that could elevate the risk of an outbreak of Legionellosis, such as too low a concentration of disinfectant in your water systems, the HSE recommends that you carry out Legionella testing.


If you think that any of the above cases may apply to your premises or you’re simply not sure, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more information about our Legionella water testing in Eastbourne and the surrounding area. We offer a full range of Legionella services to commercial and public sector organisations in this part of the country, including both water testing and full risk assessments.


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