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Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning


Every year a large number of house fires are caused by buildup in the laundry exhaust system. These byproducts of the laundry process including lint, cloth fibres and dust accumulate in the laundry extract ventilation system causing it to eventually overheat and catch fire. And it is not just homeowners who face risks from clogged laundry extract vents. The same also goes for hotels, hospitals and anywhere else that deals with large amounts of laundry. Clean Air UK offer expert laundry extract ventilation cleaning that removes this fire hazard and ensures your laundry system is always working smoothly and safely.


How Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning Works

The laundry ventilation system is incapable of cleaning itself. It requires regular hands-on attention from people who know what they’re doing. Having Clean Air UK clean your laundry vents will:

  • Restore efficient operation to your laundry extract ventilation system.
  • Remove a variety of combustible materials from the dryer vent including lint and cloth fibers.
  • Prevent the laundry ventilation system from becoming clogged.
  • Reduce stress on your washer and dryer that have to work harder when the vents are clogged.




Am I Legally Compelled to Clean My Laundry Extract Vents?

The owners of commercial buildings with laundry facilities (that would include hotels, resorts and spas, private hospitals and universities that maintain student dormitories) have a responsibility to minimise fire risks on their premises. That responsibility includes carrying out regular fire risk assessments, including inspecting the vents and ductwork. 


While homeowners are not subject to the same legally binding requirements they nonetheless have a responsibility to ensure their loved ones and guests are not exposed to a potentially deadly fire. Laundry vent cleaning from Clean Air UK can help you live up to that responsibility.


The Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning Process

The process of having your laundry ventilation system cleaned typically entails the following steps:

  • Visual inspection of the ventilation system
  • Disassembly of the ventilation system to gain access
  • Comprehensive extraction of dirt and lint from the vents
  • Reassembly of the ventilation system
  • Before and after photos
  • Issuing of a certificate to show compliance with regulatory requirements (commercial customers)


Contact Clean Air UK

The consequences of dirty laundry vents are potentially catastrophic. Every day you put off laundry ventilation cleaning you increase the likelihood of fire. To prevent that tragic outcome get in touch with Clean Air UK on 01303 249667 and schedule laundry extract ventilation cleaning today.


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