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Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning

If you own a commercial kitchen you know how important the ventilation system is when it comes to removing heat, cooking odours, steam and various types of particulate matter. But what happens to all that airborne detritus once it gets into the ductwork? Some of it is vented to the outdoors, but a fair amount also ends up stuck to the inside of the ducts. Not good from a safety or hygiene perspective. Clean Air UK provide expert kitchen ventilation cleaning that will remove this hazard so that you can focus on things like producing delicious food.


Effective, Affordable Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning

The highly-trained and experienced team at Clean Air UK have a comprehensive understanding of kitchen ventilation systems and the hazards they present and use that training and expertise to guide their every action. By the time they finish your kitchen vents will conform to the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) specifications for clean kitchen vents and you can rest easy knowing your kitchen can operate at maximum efficiency and safety.


The Very Real Danger of Fire

According to government statistics, there is at least one serious fire per day in the UK that starts in a commercial kitchen ventilation system. That’s one per day too many. By any measure, the best way to avoid a catastrophic fire is to ensure that the inside of your kitchen vent is not coated with grease and other combustible materials. 

There is no reason to let your restaurant, pub, tavern or other establishment become a sad government statistic when all you need to do is have the experts at Clean Air UK in to inspect your kitchen ventilation service and, if necessary, conduct a thorough cleaning.


How Often Should You Perform Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning?

There is no single answer to this question. How often you should clean your kitchen vents depends mostly on how often the kitchen is used. These are the current BESA recommendations: 

  • For a kitchen that is in regular use 12/16 hours per day – Every 4 months.
  • For a kitchen that sees moderate usage 6/12 hours per day – Every 6 months.
  • For a kitchen that only sees light usage a few hours per day – Once a year.


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