Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Professional kitchen Extraction Cleaning London

Safety is one of the top priorities when you own or manage a restaurant or a commercial kitchen.

Keeping your exhaust ventilation system plays a big role in safety because of how it can prevent potential fires. Cleanair UK offers professional kitchen extract cleaning services in London. We aim to keep your kitchen clean, safe, and in top condition.

We have a team of specialists that understand the ins and outs of kitchen safety and the relevant regulations involved. We offer regular testing and cleaning services in London and the surrounding areas.

All of our work follows the standards set by the BESA TR19 Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems Guide to Good Practice Section 7 Specific Considerations for Kitchen Extract Systems.


Improved Fire Safety in Your London Kitchen

kitchen-extraction-cleaning-londonApproximately 80% of kitchen extract systems in the UK have never been cleaned. Unknown to many, this may pose a significant fire risk.

While cooking in the kitchen, the air that’s heavy with grease supposedly exits through the hoods and the ductwork system above the grills, fryers and ovens. However, this is not a perfect system. Some of the grease sticks to the walls of the extract canopies and can be difficult to remove.

Worse, this grease buildup is highly combustible. Flame from the pans, for example, may be enough to set off a fire. The heat and flames may then easily spread through the building.

You can prevent this from happening to your kitchen with our services.


Recommended Cleaning Frequencies

The BESA TR19 Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems has made recommendations regarding how often kitchen extract systems should be clean to ensure their safety.

  • Lightly used kitchens (2-6 hours per day) – annually cleaning
  • Moderately used kitchens (6-12 hours per day) – bi-annually cleaning
  • Heavily used kitchens (12 – 16 hours per day) – quarterly cleaning.


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