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Kitchen extract systems, which include extract canopies, grease filters and ductwork, provide essential ventilation in indoor cooking areas. Over time, grease can accumulate in your ducts and vents, affecting their performance and increasing the risk of fire. Keep grease and debris build-up under control, call Clean Air UK for professional kitchen extract cleaning in Folkestone.

We take a proactive approach to extract system maintenance — we believe that preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your ducts safe and in top condition. This reduces overhead costs and expenditure on future repairs.

Our staff is directly trained and employed, ensuring that our work is always carried out by competent professionals. Our comprehensive kitchen extract cleaning service thoroughly and effectively clears all build-up in your ductwork.


Kitchen Extract Cleaning Folkestone
Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning Folkestone

Ensure Compliance with Industry Regulations

The Health & Safety Executive, along with the Association of British Insurers requires that all kitchen extract systems be kept clean to minimise the risk of fire. This is in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which maintains that all commercial kitchens need to have a complete fire risk assessment and management plan.

Clean Air UK professionally cleans your kitchen extract systems, ensuring your compliance with the most stringent industry regulations. From the extract fan to the ductwork, we offer a comprehensive cleaning process from top to bottom.

Recommended Kitchen Extract Cleaning Frequencies

Listed below are recommended cleaning guidelines from BESA TR19 Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems, the frequencies relate to kitchen usage/grease loading on extract systems.

Heavy Use 12 – 16 Hrs per Day 3 Monthly
Moderate Use 6 – 12 Hrs per Day 6 Monthly
Light Use 2 – 6 Hrs per Day Annual

Regular kitchen extract cleaning will ensure your compliance with the Health & Safety Executive and Regulations, Workplace Directive, Fire Safety Order and buildings insurance provider. As a specialist service contractor, we can provide regular testing and cleaning of your kitchen extract ductwork, extract fan units & grease filtration. Our kitchen extract cleaning solution complies with stringent regulatory requirements.

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