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In light of recent events, we know that fire safety is at the forefront of many people’s minds.

We understand that business owners, building managers and landlords may not possess the expertise or time to carry out a fire risk assessment. The ‘responsible person,’ must ensure a fire risk assessment of the premises is carried out and regularly reviewed. The assessment will identify what you need to do to prevent fire and keep people safe. If your business has 5 or more people, you must keep a written record of your fire risk assessment.

You can do the fire risk assessment yourself with the help of standard fire safety risk assessment guides. If you don’t have the expertise or time to do the fire risk assessment yourself you need to appoint a ‘competent person’ to help.

As well as identifying the fire hazards and how to reduce them, our fire risk assessment will provide you with information on the systems you currently have or do not have in place and how to remedy any areas of non-compliance.

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This article was written by Joanne