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If you own or manage a commercial kitchen, it’s important to keep your ventilation and ductwork system free from grease and potential fire hazards. At Cleanair UK, our professional cleaning services keep your kitchen extract system clean, functional and safe.

Our team is made up of trained specialists that have a deep understanding of the safety regulations surrounding commercial kitchens. We can conduct regular testing and cleaning of your system.

Our work follows the standards set by the BESA TR19 Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems Guide to Good Practice Section 7 Specific Considerations for Kitchen Extract Systems.


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Improved Fire Safety in Your Commercial Kitchen Extraction System

In the UK, approximately 80% of kitchen extract systems have never been cleaned. These systems then pose a considerably dangerous fire hazard.

Whenever cooking takes place in the kitchen, the grease laden air passes through the hoods and the ductwork system above the fryers, grills, and ovens. If left uncleaned, some of the grease hangs and sticks to the extract canopy and develops into a significant fire risk.

This grease buildup on the walls of the kitchen extract ventilation system is flammable enough that even a fire or a spark from a cooker or a pan can ignite a fire and wreak havoc in the area. The heat and the flames can easily spread throughout the building as a result.

This is the main reason regular kitchen extract cleaning is an essential for commercial kitchens.

Recommended Kitchen Extract Cleaning Frequencies

Heavy Use 12 – 16 Hrs per Day 3 Monthly
Moderate Use 6 – 12 Hrs per Day 6 Monthly
Light Use 2 – 6 Hrs per Day Annual

Regular kitchen extract cleaning will ensure your compliance with the Health & Safety Executive and Regulations, Workplace Directive, Fire Safety Order and buildings insurance provider. As a specialist service contractor, we can provide regular testing and cleaning of your kitchen extract ductwork, extract fan units & grease filtration. Our kitchen extract cleaning solution complies with stringent regulatory requirements.

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