Job Type: Commercial Supply & Extract Ventilation System Cleaning.

Site Details: Large multi-floor office redevelopment in Southampton.

Special features: Over 300 metres of both rectangular and spiral ductwork supplied by AHU’s of variant sizes.


  1. Continued cleaning and monitoring of these systems should be carried out regularly to ensure they remain clean and free from anything that may contaminate the air or encourage microbiological growth. Annual assessments of the supply & extract systems by means of vacuum testing and microbiological sampling should be conducted and compared against the industry guidelines and parameters set out in B&ES TR19 & CIBSE TM26. This will ensure your compliance in accordance with the workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations Approved Codes of Practice and the Health & Safety at Work Act.and the Health & Safety at Work Act.
  2. Dust deposit levels were in excess of 180 microns pre clean.
  3. The system was successfully cleaned by installing access doors and vaccuming the internal surfaces of the ductwork and associated plant.
  4. Dust deposit levels were less than 0.8 microns in accordance with TR19.
  5. No faults or recommendations other than continued cleaning and monitoring every 3-5 years.

Before & After Photos

Ventilation System Cleaning December 2015 Before and After