Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises

Professional Hospital Ventilation Cleaning

Nowhere is it more important to maintain a clean ventilation system than in a hospital. Dirt, dust and other types of airborne debris – including infectious microorganisms – are an ever-present danger to both patients and staff. If you want to ensure your medical facility is safe for everyone the team at Clean Air UK can help. We offer expert hospital ventilation cleaning that can greatly reduce the threat of healthcare-related infections.


The Need for Hospital Ventilation Cleaning

Hospital administrators will sometimes respond to the threat of dirty air vents by installing new filters into the system. However, this approach is rarely effective since it does not address the problem of bacteria growing in dirty, humid vents. The only way to effectively address the situation is through regular and thorough cleaning of the vents.


But the effective cleaning of hospital vents is not just a good idea that will reduce the chances of airborne healthcare-related infections, there is also a legal imperative involved. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations state that hospital administrators have a Duty of Care obligation to ensure any closed spaces are constantly ventilated with fresh, hygienic air and that the ventilation system must be inspected on a regular basis.


How Clean Air UK Can Help

The team of highly trained experts at Clean Air UK will perform a thorough examination of your hospital ventilation system being careful to minimise any disruption to operations. We will then present the results to you along with how we propose to clean your vents so that your facility is once more in compliance with its Duty of Care obligations.


Whether yours is a brand new facility, a hospital with a long history of service or hospital undergoing renovation we can scour your ventilation system of all problematic compounds, including things like dust and debris generated by demolition work, carpentry work, plastering and the laying of new floor coverings.


For Professional Hospital Ventilation Cleaning Get in Touch With Clean Air UK

Whether or not the ventilation system in a hospital is kept clean is not a matter of choice. There is a clear legal obligation to maintain a hygienic ventilation system in order to protect the health of patients and staff. Fortunately, Clean Air UK offer timely, effective and affordable hospital ventilation cleaning that will benefit everyone. To learn more call Clean Air UK on 01303 249667 and arrange for a consultation.


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