ACoP L8 Legionella Risk Assessments

Professional Legionella Risk Assessment Bexhill


We are proud to conduct high-quality legionella risk assessments in Bexhill and the surrounding areas. All our checks are done in accordance with ACoP L8 – the approved code of practice for the control of legionella bacteria in water systems. 


What Is Legionella?

Legionella isn’t commonly talked about but it is, without doubt, extremely dangerous. Legionella is a bacteria that can cause Legionnaires’ disease – a potentially fatal type of pneumonia that is contracted by breathing in airborne water droplets containing legionella.  


Unfortunately, certain groups of people are more vulnerable to Legionnaires’ disease than others: 


  • Sufferers of chronic respiratory diseases 
  • People who have kidney related illnesses
  • People with weakened immune systems 
  • Heavy drinkers
  • Heavy smokers
  • Over 45s


What Are The Symptoms?

People suffering from Legionnaires’ disease will have symptoms similar to the flu – fever, chills, muscle pains and headaches. Extreme cases may also see suffers experiencing pneumonia, diarrhoea or even severe confusion. The disease isn’t contagious, but can be fatal in extreme cases.  


How Do You Get It?

It’s very uncommon to catch Legionnaires’ disease at home. The disease is contracted by inhaling droplets of water containing legionella bacteria, which usually comes from things like air conditioning systems, hot tubs, humidifiers and shower heads that aren’t regularly used. 


Legionnaires’ disease is usually caught in public buildings – such as office blocks and hotels – where the bacteria has gotten into the water supply. 


What Are Your Responsibilities?

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2022 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 make clear that it is important for employers, landlords or anyone in charge of premises to have a legionella risk assessment carried out, and implement a framework for prevention and control. 



What We Offer

As a leading provider of hygiene services in Bexhill and the surrounding areas, we offer a range of services, on top of legionella risk assessments:


  • Monthly temperature monitoring
  • Annual cold-water storage tank cleaning 
  • Quarterly shower head descaling 


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