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Safeguarding Your Environment in Kent, London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey


At Cleanair UK, we understand that ensuring the safety and compliance of your environment is not just a responsibility but a commitment to excellence. Our Legionella Compliance Testing service goes beyond conventional testing methods, offering you a comprehensive solution that secures your peace of mind.


Why Legionella Compliance Testing Matters

In the UK, legionella compliance isn’t just a regulatory checkbox—it’s a critical aspect of maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Our compliance testing doesn’t just identify the presence of Legionella bacteria; it delves into the heart of your water systems, scrutinising every possible hiding spot where these unwelcome guests might lurk.


We Work with Precision, Speed and Expertise

legionella-compliance-servicesWith Cleanair UK, you’re choosing a partner that values precision and speed. Our samples are carefully analysed by UKAS accredited laboratories, ensuring that we deliver results that are not just accurate but timely. We don’t just hand you a report—we guide you through each step, providing recommendations and technical backup that turn data into actionable insights.


Beyond Testing: A Comprehensive Compliance Strategy

Legionella compliance testing with Cleanair UK is more than a one-off procedure; it’s an ongoing journey towards safety and compliance. Whether it’s routine checks or emergency interventions, we’re here to ensure your systems are not just compliant but exemplary in their safety standards.


The Cleanair UK Edge: Where Expertise Meets Innovation

We bring to the table a blend of seasoned expertise and innovative techniques. Our team is not just proficient in standard compliance methods but constantly evolves with the latest industry trends and technologies. 


This means you’re always a step ahead in ensuring the safety and compliance of your environment. Our goal is to not just meet your requirements but exceed your expectations, setting a new standard for Legionella compliance testing in Kent, London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.


Your Role in Legionella Compliance

While we spearhead the technical aspects of compliance testing, your role is pivotal. Regular maintenance, prompt reporting of anomalies and adherence to our guidelines significantly amplify the effectiveness of our testing procedures.


Let’s Talk Compliance

Interested in elevating your environment’s safety and compliance standards? Our team at Cleanair UK is just a call away. Reach out to us on 01303 249667 or drop an email to info@cleanairuk.com. Alternatively, you can use our Contact Form. A member of our team will connect with you within 24 hours.

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