Improve Indoor Air Quality at your Ashford Facility

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can easily be compromised with contaminants, excess humidity and increased temperature levels. Poor air quality could affect the health and safety of occupants and have detrimental effects on your operations. Let Clean Air UK assess and maintain the indoor air quality at your Ashford facility for you.

We offer a comprehensive indoor air quality suite that includes rigorous testing and monitoring that comply with the most stringent industry standards. Our indoor air quality tests ensure that your establishment conforms to health and safety regulations.

Cleanair UK prides itself in providing quality work carried out by industry trained professionals. Our contractors are highly qualified and experienced — we never use sub-contractors or casual labour!

A Comprehensive Assessment

air-quality-test-ashfordOur indoor air quality assessment analyses various factors that affect the integrity of indoor conditions at your facility. We look for common contaminants, which may include gases, vapours, dust, smoke and dangerous micro-organisms.

Contaminants may be introduced into your establishment through indoor activities, furnishing, and air treatment components, among others. We can identify the presence of airborne fungi and bacteria, and alert you to the presence of harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO) or excessive Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels.

We also monitor the temperature levels and relative humidity at your facility to ensure that they are continuously maintained at acceptable levels.

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