How Often Should Fire Dampers Be Tested?

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Fire dampers need to be tested in intervals no longer than 12 months apart. This is identified in the British Standard BS 9999: 2017 The Fire Safety Code of Practice for the Design, Management and Use of Buildings.


While 12 months is the maximum time that should be left between fire damper testing, it is actually sensible to test them more frequently than this. If fire dampers are in areas that would be considered high-risk such as hospitals and similar, fire damper testing should be completed more often to ensure the safety of everyone in the area.


How Do You Test Fire Dampers?


Our technicians can thoroughly test your fire dampers to ensure they are working exactly as you would expect them to. Fire damper testing involves locating all dampers on-site and making sure they are fully accessible and within the fire containment zone. Once this has been done, the dampers are cleaned, lubricated, and reset.


If any simple faults are found during our fire damper testing, they can be resolved there and then to ensure everything is left in full working order. Our technicians can also update mechanical drawings and create a full report of any work undertaken during their visit. The report will clearly state what was done along with the date, time, and a detailed explanation of the work. This adheres to all relevant fire safety compliance procedures.


Why Are Fire Dampers Important?


Fire dampers are extremely important when it comes to fire safety and prevention. They work by closing off air ducts if they detect heat in the air. In the event of a fire, this can prevent smoke from travelling through ventilation systems into other areas. They can also help prevent fire from spreading due to reducing or restricting the flow of air in the immediate vicinity around the fire.


Without fire dampers, there is a big risk of a fire quickly getting out of control and the spread of smoke, heat, and flames can be devastating. With fire dampers though, you can limit the amount of damage, disruption, and danger that fire causes by isolating it in one area.


Fire dampers need to perform exactly as they need to in the unfortunate event of a fire. Without regular testing, you run the risk of putting yourself and everyone else in your building in danger from fire.


How Cleanair UK Can Help


One of our highly-trained technicians can visit your premises and thoroughly test all fire dampers. They will complete all the physical testing as well as leaving you with a detailed report of what has been done. They can answer any questions or concerns you may have, and they will also make any minor repairs that need to be done.


If more work is needed to ensure your fire dampers are working properly, they will record this and we will get it sorted as soon as possible to ensure everyone stays safe and the risk of fire is kept as low as possible.

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