Fire Risk Assessments Redhill


fire-risk-assessments-redhillPreparing for fire is possible by taking all the precautions necessary. The UK’s Fire Safety Order demands that all businesses conduct their own risk assessments in order to protect their employees and property.


The ordinance mandates that the assessment be performed by a designated “responsible individual” to minimise any injuries or casualties from a fire. Our qualified professionals can perform a Redhill fire risk assessment on your behalf.


At Cleanair UK, we assist you with safety concerns and more to ensure that you are compliant where necessary. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and the best solution.


What Our Services Include


Fire risk assessments require expertise and time. We know that business owners have tight schedules. This can sometimes result in the assessment not getting completed in sufficient time. As your fire assessment specialists, we take care of everything in a timely manner.


You can count on us to do the following when you request our services:


  • Identify fire hazards in your building
  • All risks can be reduced, eliminated, or evaluated
  • Evaluate the emergency exits of your property
  • Check for fire detection and alarm systems.
  • Keep track of your findings and prepare an emergency plan for fire evacuation.
  • Regularly monitor and update fire assessment documentation


The Importance of Fire Risk Assessments


Preventing fires is the best way to reduce their chances of happening. It is essential to conduct a comprehensive and thorough fire risk assessment of every building, new or old.


A baseline can be used to compare your building’s fire safety with similar buildings. This will allow you to identify areas in which your building’s fire safety measures fall below the average. With our expert assistance, you can be sure to identify problem areas and get them fixed to ensure compliance.


The Benefits of Fire Risk Assessments


redhill-fire-risk-assessmentUnderstanding what you are up against will help you prioritise your fire safety measures and decrease the overall risk. You might be able to do a few things to make your home safer or to strengthen the fire doors.


You might also be able to find a more cost-effective and sustainable solution to make sure your sprinklers work if activated. You can make informed decisions and invest in the right things if you understand the risks and how you can reduce them.


This will help you minimise the impact of any single incident and reduce your overall insurance cost.


Choose Cleanair UK for Your Fire Risk Assessment


A fire risk assessment is an important part in ensuring your building is safe. Before you make any major changes to a building, it is important to do a thorough fire risk assessment. An in-depth fire risk assessment will identify areas where fire safety measures are not up to standard and help you prioritize your fire safety efforts.


Cleanair UK is Redhill’s trusted partner for building safety and fire risk assessment. Our team has the expertise to help you with all aspects of fire risk assessment. We work with like-minded, experienced individuals who we trust to help us in our endeavours. Call us if you are ready to schedule your next assessment.