Fire Risk Assessments Croydon


fire-risk-assessments-croydonYou can prevent fires by taking the necessary precautions. UK’s Fire Safety Order requires that businesses be responsible for conducting their own risk assessments to ensure the safety of their employees and property.


To minimise any potential injuries or casualties that could occur in a fire, the ordinance requires that a designated “responsible person” performs the assessment. We are qualified professionals that can conduct a fire risk assessment in Croydon on behalf of your business. Cleanair UK can help you with your safety concerns.


What Our Services Include

Fire risk assessments take time and expertise. We understand that business owners often have very tight schedules. They may not have enough time to conduct the assessment. We’re fire assessment experts and we do it all for you.


We can do the following on request:


  • Identify all fire dangers in your building
  • Reduce, eliminate, or evaluate all risks.
  • Evaluate the property’s emergency exits.
  • Inspect for alarm systems and firefighting equipment, as well as fire detection.
  • Document your findings, prepare an emergency fire evacuation plan and provide training to employees.
  • You should regularly monitor and update the fire assessment documentation.


The Importance of Fire Risk Assessments

The most effective way to manage the risks of fire is to proactively identify them before they happen. This means conducting a thorough and comprehensive fire risk assessment at every new and existing building.


Risk assessments also provide a baseline for comparing your building’s fire safety measures with those of similar structures. This allows you to spot any areas where your building’s fire safety measures are below average.


The Benefits of Fire Risk Assessments

croydon-fire-risk-assessmentKnowing what you’re up against can help you prioritise your fire safety measures and reduce the overall risk. Maybe there are a few things you could do to make it safer for your residents or make the fire doors at the entrance to your building more robust.


Or you might be able to find a cheaper and more sustainable way to ensure that your sprinklers will trigger if they’re activated. If you know the risks and how to reduce them, you can make better-informed decisions and invest in the right things.


This helps you minimise the impact of any one incident, as well as reduce your overall insurance costs.

Choose Cleanair UK for Your Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments are an important part of making sure your building is safe. If you’re planning to make any major alterations to a building, it’s important to conduct a thorough fire risk assessment before any changes are made.

A thorough fire risk assessment will help you identify any areas where your building’s fire safety measures are below average and help you prioritise your fire safety measures.


Cleanair UK is your trusted fire risk assessment Croydon partner in building safety. Our team is competent in all matters pertaining to fire risk assessment and is here to assist you. What’s more, we work with experienced, like-minded individuals that we can trust to assist in our efforts. If you’re ready to schedule your next assessment, we invite you to call us for more information.