Fire Risk Assessments Chatham

Fire Risk Assessments Chatham

When it comes to keeping your business safe, few things are as important as a fire risk assessment. Chatham is home to many historical buildings and businesses that should be keeping up to date with all things related to fire safety.


Fire Risk Assessments Chatham
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Why Fire Risk Assessments Matter

The Fire Safety Order of 2005 states that all businesses and landlords must conduct fire risk assessments. A fire risk assessment helps to prevent fires and also helps to save lives and prevent injuries should a fire take place.

Having a fire risk assessment helps to give property owners peace of mind as they know that their building is up to date with the latest guidelines.

Each business is responsible when it comes to risk assessments. However, if a business fails to comply with the rules set out in the Fire Safety Order then the owner can face serious consequences, this includes fines and even prison sentences.

Needless to say, fire risk assessments are a crucial part of building maintenance.

What Do We Offer?

By choosing us to perform a fire risk assessment you can expect to receive a service that covers everything. This includes the following:

  • A full thorough detailed walkthrough of any fire hazards in your building
  • Verification that your building has all of the relevant fire detectors, smoke alarms, and firefighting equipment
  • An inspection of all emergency exits to ensure that they comply with the latest requirements
  • Up to date documentation stating that your property has been checked and it meets all requirements
  • Documents that offer escape plans and emergency procedures in the event of a fire
  • Training for employees to ensure that everybody knows exactly what to do in the event of a fire
Fire Risk Assessment Chatham
Fire Risk Assessor Chatham

A Reliable Source for Building Safety in and Around Chatham

At Cleanair UK, we take safety very seriously. On top of that, we work hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We work efficiently and quickly to provide a top-quality service while also keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible.

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    So, if you need a fire risk assessment for your building you can rely on Cleanair UK for a thorough service that will give you peace of mind knowing that your building is safe and prepared should the unthinkable happen. Call us today and speak to one of our friendly advisors for more information.

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