Fire Risk Assessments Brighton


fire-risk-assessments-brightonWhen you take the proper precautions against fire, they can be avoided. UK Fire Safety Order requires that all businesses are responsible for their own risk assessment to ensure the safety and security of their staff and property.


So in order to reduce the potential for injuries and casualties from a fire, the ordinance specifies that a designated “responsible” person should conduct the assessment.


We can help you find qualified professionals who will perform fire risk assessments in Brighton to support your growing business. Cleanair UK will take care of all your precautionary needs.


What You Can Expect

To perform a thorough fire risk assessment, it takes time and expertise. We know that business owners may have busy schedules and not have the time or expertise to supervise the assessment. We do the fire assessment for you as a team of experts in fire safety.


We will do the following upon request for a fire risk assessment:


  • Identify any fire hazards in your building.
  • Assess, eliminate or reduce all risks.
  • Evaluate emergency exits and routes on the property.
  • Verify that you have fire detection, warning systems, and firefighting equipment.
  • Document your findings, prepare emergency fire escape plans, and train employees.
  • Keep your fire assessment documentation up-to-date and monitored regularly.


What Is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a process aimed at determining the likelihood of a fire occurring on a given property. The assessment can help with a variety of things, including identifying flaws and weaknesses that need to be addressed.


It can also be used to set fire safety requirements for a property. By using a fire risk assessment, you can determine what risks are presented by your property and how best to reduce them.


A fire risk assessment can be done by professionals or by homeowners. The pros will usually be firefighters, structural engineers, or architects who have the relevant knowledge and experience to conduct the assessments.

Why Conduct a Fire Risk Assessment?

brighton-fire-risk-assessmentThe most important reason to conduct a fire risk assessment is to protect yourself and your loved ones. By knowing the risks posed by your property, you can take steps to mitigate them as far as possible, meaning your family will be as safe as possible when they are on it. And while this is important in itself, it can also help with other things.


As we’ve discussed, a fire risk assessment can help you identify any issues with your property and the risks they are posing. This can be used to inform your future maintenance, so you can make sure the building is in good enough condition to be safe. It can also be used to inform future improvements, so you know what you can do to reduce the risk posed by your structure.


Brighton’s Trusted Source for Building Safety

Cleanair UK ranks among the top environmental hygiene, water, and air companies in the country. Our company is eco-friendly, energy-efficient and compassionate. We keep our environmental footprint to a minimum.


We are competent and knowledgeable in all aspects of risk assessment. We are able to rely on experienced and like-minded people as our partners. Cleanair UK will be your partner in protecting your building. Call Cleanair UK today to get more information.