Fire Damper Testing Tunbridge Wells

Fire Damper Testing Contractors in Tunbridge Wells

Fire dampers are installed inside a commercial building’s ductwork system. The damper’s vents are designed to close when the heat from a fire breaks the fuse, preventing the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building. Our fire damper testing in Tunbridge Wells ensures that your fire dampers are working well.


Fire Damper Testing Tunbridge Wells
Tunbridge Wells Fire Damper Testing

The Law on Fire Dampers in the UK

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 states that a building owner is responsible for taking general fire safety precautions to ensure the safety of the building and the people within it. According to Section 17 of this safety order, systems that minimise the risk of fire are subject to proper maintenance and are tested to ensure good working order.

British Standard 9999 clearly states that all fire dampers in a commercial building should be tested at constant intervals not exceeding 2 years. The standard also states that spring-operated dampers should be tested every 12 months or more frequently if placed in a dirt-laden environment.

Cleanair UK Tests Your Fire Dampers

We understand that it is important for your fire dampers to be tested and maintained for the safety of all your building occupants. Our fire damper testing specialists in Tunbridge Wells conduct their testing according to the Fire Safety Order 2005 and British Standard 9999. We locate all the fire dampers in your building to ensure they are within the fire containment areas and that they can be fully accessed if repairs or replacements are needed.

Our testing specialists clean, lubricate, drop test and reset your fire dampers to make sure they are in excellent working condition. If there are any defects found such as damaged linkages, we will provide specific recommendations to you via an inspection report. We include the time, date and action required in the report. The report will be your proof of adhering to the Fire Safety Order and British Standard.

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