Fire Damper Testing Maidstone

Professional Fire Damper Testing in Maidstone

Fire dampers are a key component to your building’s fire safety strategy. They are located within a building’s ductwork system. Our fire damper testing in Maidstone can effectively prevent fire from spreading throughout your building. This helps minimise costly damage and potentially saves lives.


Fire Damper Testing Maidstone
Maidstone Fire Damper Testing

When to Test Your Fire Damper

British Standard (BS) 9999 covers routine maintenance and inspection of a commercial building’s ventilation ductwork system. In order to comply with this standard, make sure that your fire dampers are tested upon installation. Standard fire dampers are tested at regular intervals at least every 2 years. Spring-operated dampers are tested every 12 months or at greater frequencies if installed in a dusty environment.

What Happens During a Fire Damper Test?

Property owners or business managers need to ensure that proper testing is conducted and a planned maintenance is followed. When you contact Cleanair UK for a fire damper test, we make sure that your fire dampers are tested according to BS 9999.

Some of the key functions of fire dampers that need to be tested are its integrity, insulation and reduced leakage. Before testing these functions, our contractors will number each of your dampers with test point labels to ensure accuracy is achieved. Afterwards, they will clean, lubricate and perform a drop test on each damper to make sure they function well.

What Happens After a Fire Damper Test?

After the testing, your business will receive a written report that you can use as proof of your compliance with BS 9999. If we detect anything faulty with your dampers’ functionality such as corrosion or jamming, we will place recommendations in the report.

We encourage you to follow our recommendations as they will help you keep your fire dampers in good working condition. They will also help you adhere to BS 9999 by making sure all faulty components of your fire dampers are replaced or repaired.

If you have any enquiries about our fire damper testing in Maidstone, call 01303 249667.