Fire Damper Testing Eastbourne

Fire Damper Testing Eastbourne

A fire damper is an essential part of any building that is at risk of catching fire. It’s a device or system that prevents or limits the spread of smoke and hot air from one area to another.

Fire dampers are fitted in many different locations and can be found on the ceiling, walls, and doors. They’re fitted in new builds and existing buildings but are also used in warehouses, retail units, and other commercial buildings like hospitals.

At Cleanair UK, we specialise in fire damper testing and risk assessments in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. So get in touch with us today if you’re due to have your fire dampers tested. In doing so, you can be sure that your property and everyone inside are safe and protected.


Fire Damper Testing Eastbourne
Eastbourne Fire Damper Testing

What’s the Law on Fire Dampers in the UK?

Fire dampers are required by law in any building that has a combustible floor or roof. This can include timber floors and roofs, as well as any other materials that may be flammable. Failure to install and maintain fire dampers correctly can lead to the development of fire, which can then spread to the whole building.

The requirements for fire dampers state that they must be inspected and tested once every 12 months. You are strongly encouraged to contact us if you’re overdue for your annual fire damper testing and risk assessment in Eastbourne.

Cleanair UK Tests Your Fire Dampers

Cleanair UK offers professional fire damper testing in Eastbourne. Our comprehensive process ensures that all fire dampers are operating properly in your building. Fire dampers are essential in protecting your property from the risk of fire, so it’s imperative that you have them tested according to British Standard (BS) 9999.

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Are You Due for Your Testing and Assessment?

If you’re unsure about the state of your fire damper, our expert technicians can carry out a professional fire damper test. By carrying out a professional fire damper test, we will be able to see and measure how effective the damper is performing.

If we determine that there are issues that need to be addressed, we will provide you with the appropriate report and advise on what to do next.

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Cleanair UK is the UK’s leading expert in the inspection and testing of fire dampers. We provide a nationwide service, and we are fully qualified and insured to carry out any type of inspection and testing of fire dampers. If you need us to carry out an inspection, need a fire damper repaired, or need a test to be carried out on your fire damper, then contact Cleanair UK today.