Fire Damper Testing Canterbury

Fire Damper Testing Professionals in Canterbury

Testing and maintaining your fire dampers ensures that they will function as expected in the case of a fire. Our fire damper testing service in Canterbury guarantees that your fire dampers are in good condition.


Fire Damper Testing Canterbury
Canterbury Fire Damper Testing

What Happens if You Fail to Test Your Fire Dampers?

Fire damper testing is required to be conducted based on the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and British Standard 9999. These state that a building owner or manager has the responsibility to schedule a fire damper test in order to ensure the safety of the people who occupy their building.

If you fail to meet the requirements of the Fire Safety Order and British Standard, you may be fined up to £10,000. The building owner, or whoever is responsible for testing and maintaining the fire dampers, could also face up to two years in prison for endangering the lives of the people who occupy their building.

You will also struggle to obtain fire damage insurance unless you can provide proof that you have had your fire dampers maintained and tested at least every 2 years or 12 month months for spring-operated dampers.

Contact Cleanair UK for Fire Damper Testing

At Cleanair UK, we offer professional fire damper testing in Canterbury. We conduct our tests according to the Fire Safety Order 2005 and British Standard 9999. We clean, lubricate, drop test and reset all your fire dampers to make sure they work when you need them.

If we see that your fire dampers need some parts repaired or replaced, we will indicate them as recommendations in our report. The report will be proof of conducting fire safety precautionary measures in your building.

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