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In industrial parlance “factory ventilation” is considered an engineering control as it removes or controls a variety of contaminants released into the air inside an industrial facility. It is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to control employee exposure to contaminants that become airborne due to an industrial process. If the factory ventilation system becomes clogged with the particulate matter it is supposed to be removing, everyone in the factory is at risk. Clean Air UK offer factory ventilation cleaning for facilities large and small that will ensure dirty vents don’t become a serious problem.


How do I Know My Factory Vents Need to be Cleaned?

  • If you see a sudden decrease in indoor air quality: It is crucial that factory owners monitor the quality of the air in their facility in order to ensure it is safe for everyone. Should those air test results indicate a sudden decrease in air quality it is time to call Clean Air UK.
  • If you see a sudden increase in energy usage: If you notice a sudden spike in energy usage it could mean that your HVAC system is working harder than it was designed to in order to compensate for clogged vents. If you notice a spike in energy usage call Clean Air UK.
  • A rise in sick days or reports of respiratory issues: If there is a sudden spike in sick days or in reports of allergies and other respiratory issues, there is a good chance your ventilation system is the culprit. If it is, factory ventilation cleaning from Clean Air UK can turn that situation around.


How Factory Ventilation Cleaning Works

The process of factory ventilation cleaning typically proceeds in the following manner:

  • Clean Air UK perform a thorough inspection of your factory vents and report the results to you.
  • If cleaning is necessary we explain the entire process to you, including a timeline and cost.
  • Cleaning of the ducts is then conducted using various types of specialised equipment.
  • After the debris is removed we move on to the decontamination stage which eliminates any remaining biological agents.
  • Once the factory ventilation cleaning process is complete we provide a full report along with recommendations for when future cleaning should be performed.


Contact Clean Air UK

It is not only good business but a legal requirement that factory owners ensure a safe environment for employees and guests. To learn more or to order factory ventilation cleaning for your facility call Clean Air UK today on 01303 249667.

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