Ductwork Hygiene

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At Clean Air UK we are committed to providing first-class ductwork hygiene services to both commercial and residential customers. We understand how important hygienic ducts are to maintaining a healthy environment for workers and family members and put all our field technicians through a rigorous training programme to ensure you receive the highest possible quality of service.

Regardless of the extent, age or layout of your ductwork, we are able to scour every nook and cranny for allergens, airborne chemicals, soot, dust, mould spores and anything else hiding within. When our team is finished with your ductwork it will be restored to a like-new state of cleanliness.


Ductwork Hygiene
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Ductwork Hygiene is More Than a Good Idea: It’s the Law

Both the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations of 1992 and the Management of Health and Safety Work Regulations of 1999 recognise the importance of maintaining clean, hygienic ductwork and include numerous rules governing a building owner’s obligations in that regard. Essentially, building owners are compelled to have their ductwork inspected at regular intervals and have it cleaned if need be.

The above regulations are accompanied by an Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) which establishes best practices for the cleaning and maintenance of commercial ductwork. And if all that were not enough to convince a building owner to pursue ductwork hygiene, the BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) TR19 guidelines published in 2005 provide specific guidance regarding effective techniques which should be employed to maintain hygienic ductwork.

So, you see, ductwork hygiene in commercial buildings is more than just a good idea, it also happens to be the law.

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When it comes to duct cleaning you have a lot of choices these days. Unfortunately, many of them fall short when it comes to delivering effective, professional-level services. At Clean Air UK we are at the forefront of ductwork hygiene with a team of fully certified HVAC specialists who know air quality issues like the back of their hand.

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Ductwork hygiene is no joke. For commercial property owners, it’s the law. For everyone else, it’s the best way to ensure a healthy environment for family, friends and guests. If you need to have your ducts assessed or cleaned trust the professionals at Clean Air UK. We’ll do the job right, the first time, and for less than you imagine. Call us today on 01303 249667, or write to info@cleanairuk.com.