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Duct Cleaning Services


Maintaining a clean air distribution system in your home or business is essential maintenance. But who can you call to check your ducts and perform any necessary remedial work? Clean Air UK, that’s who. Our engineers have vast experience ensuring the integrity of HVAC systems in buildings great and small. They can assess your system, accurately diagnose any issues and provide the necessary duct cleaning services to bring the air quality in your home or office back up to speed.


The Clean Air UK Difference

At Clean Air UK we are driven by a commitment to providing expert duct cleaning services for all our residential and commercial customers. Everything we do reflects the latest statutory legislation and industry best practices governing the cleaning and maintenance of ductwork and related equipment.


If the time has come to have your ductwork cleaned, call us. You can rest assured that our field technicians will scour every last square centimetre of your air ducts to remove any chemical or biological contaminants lurking there. 




Regardless of the extent of your ductwork or how difficult some aspects of it may be to access, we have the experience and expertise to restore it to a like-new condition, and for less than you imagine. We use only the latest and best equipment and minimize any disruption to your normal home or business routine.


Ductwork and the Law

While there are no specific laws addressing ductwork cleanliness in the home both the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations of 1992 and the Management of Health and Safety Regulations of 1999 require that commercial ventilation systems be regularly inspected and, if necessary, cleaned. 


In addition, BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) TR19 guidelines first introduced in 2005 provide specific guidance regarding the maintenance and cleaning of commercial ductwork. All the work performed by our field technicians adheres to both the letter and the spirit of these important health and safety guidelines.


Get in Touch With Clean Air UK for Expert Duct Cleaning Services

If it is time to have the ductwork in your home or business cleaned it’s important to choose a company with plenty of experience and the right equipment. That company is Clean Air UK. Our duct cleaning services help home and business owners maintain clean and hygienic ductwork, stay compliant with current regulations governing internal air quality and provide a healthy environment for workers and loved ones. To schedule an appointment call 01303 249667, or write to info@cleanairuk.com.


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