Benefits Of Air Quality Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality

The air we breathe is as important to our quality of life as the food we eat and the water we drink. But while there are numerous agencies monitoring food and water quality we tend to take air quality for granted. That’s unfortunate because on any given day the air can harbour dangerous compounds including carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulphur dioxide, ultrafine particulate matter known as PM10 and PM2.5 and more. Indoor environments add a significant number of other pollutants to that distressing list which is why our air quality monitoring services are so important.

Benefits of Air Quality Monitoring by CleanAir UK

Monitoring air quality to ensure a safe environment for workers or guests will pay numerous dividends in both the short and the long-run, including:

Increased productivity

People working in an environment where the air quality is poor often underperform and tend to call in sick more often than the average worker. If you want to improve productivity for your company, have the air in your business monitored and properly scrubbed of pollutants.

Relief from allergies

Contrary to popular belief most allergies originate indoors where people are exposed to all types of contaminants circulating through the HVAC system and hiding in carpets, drapes, upholstery and other materials. Air quality monitoring can pinpoint the source of these allergens and reduce their impact.

Reduced churn

If people feel that it’s not safe for them to show up to work they’re going to look for a job somewhere else. And who can blame them? By monitoring and cleaning the air in your business you will have a better chance of holding on to valuable employees.

A healthier HVAC system

A healthy HVAC system quietly goes about its business out of sight. But that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. If the air in a building is loaded with contaminants they can accumulate inside the system, force it to work harder than it was designed to and shorten its life. Clean air can prevent that.

Lower energy costs

Another side benefit of feeding clean air into the HVAC system is that the system will work more efficiently, thereby reducing your energy costs. In addition to lowering the cost of heating and cooling, you will also reduce your carbon footprint, making you a hero to future generations.

Not a Luxury, a Necessity

Until the early 20th century most people worked outdoors and spent much of their non-work time outdoors as well. In addition, the commercial buildings of the time had windows that opened so there was always fresh air circulating through. Today most people work in huge buildings that are sealed up tight. If there is anything dangerous in the air it’s going to circulate through the building day after day.

Air quality monitoring by CleanAir UK can track down potentially dangerous compounds in the air and provide a way for you to eliminate them, with the result being all the benefits we listed above. To learn more get in touch with CleanAir UK today by calling 01303 249667, or write to