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Air Handling Unit Cleaning


An air handling unit or AHU is the beating heart of a central air conditioning system. It is the AHU that gathers air from both outdoor and indoor sources, removes dust and debris and then feeds it into the air conditioning unit to be cooled and dried out. From there the air is then circulated throughout the house via the duct work. 


If the air conditioning system is to operate in an effective and efficient manner the air handling unit must be kept clean and clear. If it is not, dirt and debris can accumulate on the coils and fan blades and interfere with performance. Clean Air UK offer expert air handling unit cleaning that ensures optimal performance from your AC unit.




Why AHU Maintenance is so Important

As we mentioned, regular cleaning of your air handling unit will ensure your air conditioning system is always running at peak efficiency. Why is that important? Because a more efficient air conditioning system uses less electricity which translates into lower monthly energy bills for you.


If the AHU is always nice and clean it is not recirculating dirt and debris through the system, and by extension, through your home. This will pay a couple of dividends. First, you won’t be breathing in recycled dirt while you’re watching your favourite streaming series and second, your ductwork will require less frequent cleaning.


It is not commonly known but a high percentage of allergies originate in the home as a byproduct of a dirty HVAC system. If your AHU is not regularly cleaned it will recirculate dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, pet hair and myriad other allergens that could end up causing allergic reactions in your loved ones, or aggravating existing respiratory conditions such as asthma.


The dirtier the air handling unit the harder the entire air conditioning system has to work. Stressing the system for prolonged periods of time is not a good idea as it will ultimately lead to more frequent breakdowns (and the repair bills that come with them) and a shorter life for the system as a whole.


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Air handling unit cleaning is basic air conditioning system maintenance and should be performed on a regular basis. Failure to keep the AHU clean can lead to dirty air circulating through your home, more frequent system breakdowns and respiratory distress. To learn more or to schedule air handling unit cleaning contact Clean Air UK on 01303 249667.

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